Fall Restart Rules and Weather Policy

Fall Restart Rules

Because we were able to demonstrate responsible compliance with state and local public health initiatives in our return to play efforts this summer, we’ve been authorized to take the next step toward getting back to normal play and competition. We will open our fall sessions under Phase III Step 1 state guidance.

You can learn more about MA Phase III youth sports rules here

We want to keep requirements as simple as possible, so this is what it means for us:

  1. Before Practice
    • EVERYONE must wear masks/face coverings to the field.
    • Players will arrive already suited up for practice in their gear - ie., helmets, goggles, gloves, pads, sticks...
    • We ask that you limit spectators to ONE per athlete.
    • We ask that spectators maintain proper 6’ physical distance from one another on the sideline.
    • We ask that everyone stay off the benches and bleachers around the field. They will be off limits for the duration of the session.
    • Player accessories should be consolidated and kept in a bag on the sidelines conforming to social distancing requirements.
    • Please avoid bringing one-time-use water/sports drinks bottles to the field (e.g., Dasani, Gatorade, etc.)
  2. During Practice
    • Athletes may remove masks/face coverings as long as they can maintain 6’ spacing during drills.
    • Masks must be worn for all face-offs.
    • Coaches, volunteers, and spectators will wear masks/face coverings at all times they can't maintain 6’ physical distancing.
    • NO sharing of equipment.
    • NO sharing of water, drinks, or food - athletes and spectators should only consume from their own well-labeled containers brought from home.
    • NO handshakes, fist bumps, or other social contact.
    • Athletes will be broken up into small groups based on age and skill level.
  3. After Practice
    • Players and spectators should exit the field immediately.
    • EVERYONE leaving the field must wear masks/face coverings.
    • It goes without saying that we're in this together. Be mindful of your behavior and don’t be the one responsible for cancelling fall ball for our entire community.

Let’s continue to play safe and have fun!

Inclement Weather Policy

Hopefully, we’ll have clear skies through November… IF we ever have to cancel due to weather, we will send out updates via social:

Assume that all events are ON unless we notify you otherwise. We’ll only send out cancellation notifications IF we have to cancel. In the event of lightning, we will stop play for at least 1/2 hour after the last sighting for safety reasons. Lightning and lacrosse sticks are like our political parties…

As always, feel free to reach out to us with questions or comments at: play @ cambridgeyouthlacrosse.org.
- Cambridge Youth Lacrosse