2022 CYL Donor Roll

Individual donations from our families, fans, and community have been essential in helping Cambridge Youth Lacrosse grow. Your generous support keeps program fees low, and provides scholarships and free equipment to those who need them. We would like to honor and celebrate everyone that has entrusted CYL with financial gifts throughout the 2022 season whether at the $1 or $10,000 level.


In alphabetical order:

  • Scarlet Batchelor
  • Anastasia Catrickes
  • Cecily Epstein
  • Elizabeth Foster
  • Shira Fruchtman
  • Deborah Goldstein
  • Gena Heidary
  • Alejandro Heyworth*
  • Lynn Margherio
  • Michael Millner
  • Kevin Mohan
  • Megan Postal
  • Jane Robbins
  • Will Shi
  • Farley Urmston
  • Genevieve Wagenknecht

* Denotes Board Member
If you would like to update how your acknowledgement appears or remain anonymous, just let us know!

Updated: Nov 29th, 2021