Required Equipment

All Cambridge Youth Lacrosse players are required to wear protective gear.

Equipment can be borrowed or purchased.

Check with our sponsors and partners for discounts and specials.

If acquiring equipment poses an undue hardship, please contact us at needequipment @ or ask a coach at any practice session for more information on equipment availability and our lending policies.

Families that borrow equipment from CYL are responsible for returning all borrowed equipment at the end of each season. Any lost or broken items will be subject to appropriate replacement costs.

Replacement cost payments can be made here.

Boys are required to have: Stick, gloves, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, cup, and mouth guard.

Cambridge Youth Lacrosse Boys Equipment

Girls are required to have: Stick, goggles, and mouth guard.

Cambridge Youth Lacrosse Girls Equipment

Future Falcons are only required to have a stick — the shortest, lightest, least expensive ones are the way to go.

Girls lacrosse sticks have shallower pockets: Cambridge Youth Lacrosse Girls Stick

Boys lacrosse sticks have deeper pockets: Cambridge Youth Lacrosse Boys Stick

Your approach to stick selection should be dictated by the style of play that your athlete will follow when they graduate to our 1st/2nd grade teams.